Assists joints and mobility. Can be used as directed to normal movement in joints

Elastin for horses1 litre

  • What is it?

    An natural and fast acting liquid to help mobility. Designed by scientists in India our product contains a range of  Ayurvedic herbs carefully formulated to work with each other for superb results. Our product is used successfully by vets, trainers, competitors as well as horse owners.

    What is it for?

    Ideal for any horse or pony with symptoms which may have mobility issues.  Factors affecting a horse’s mobility can be age, weight, lifestyle and any genetic predisposition.  Elastin can be given to any age and any type of horse or pony from those racing, in competitions or just being ridden, to those retired.  This product assists with normal joint and muscle mobility and function.

    What does it do?

    • Assists with joint problems
    • Assists with mobility
    • Assists with sore muscles
    • Assists with stiffness
    • Assists with certain age related symptoms
    • Helps improve performance
    • Helps wellbeing

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