Sel de mer Celtique. Le Vrai !

100% Celtique Sel de Mer Naturelle extrait de marais salants sur un sol argileux.Couleur grise naturelle, non lavés non raffiné.

Celtic Sea Salt is a natural product and, therefore, the element composition and proportions are naturally-occurring. Nothing is added and nothing is removed. This analysis is conducted by a third-party laboratory that specializes in analyzing sea salts and ocean water. The analysis will not add up to 100% because of the presence of moisture and elements that occur in very small amounts in Celtic Sea Salt.

Keltisch Zeezout, biologische mineralen. Te gebruiken als voeding voor je weiland, mineralen voor de paarden, koeien, ezels etcetera en super gezonde zout om zelf mee te koken!

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Sel de Mer Celtique 5kg